Sorrow and Science, 2021

Galleri Bruno, Bennäs, Pedersöre

2.8 2021-31.8.2021.

The exhibition consisted of two different art projects that have been existing and growing side by side for a couple of years. 

The first part is about science. I have made small drawings of my own navel and given them made up names inspired by the Linnaean taxonomy system. 

The second part is about sorrow. When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me a story about how she got lost in the woods while picking blueberries, and how she found her way back home by turning her jacket inside out. In March 2021 my beloved grandmother died. To calm my grief and to comfort myself I started to paint with blueberries. When our loved ones are gone, we desperately hang on to their memories and stories. Small details, like a blueberry, suddenly gets very important.