Kära Blåbär/Dear Blueberry, 2021

White box gallery, Campus Allegro Jakobstad


"Man is small, our capacity is limited.

In moments of worry, melancholy and sadness, a need arises to escape into another reality. A need to create personal rituals for comfort and encouragement.

I turn with my darkness to the forest.
To a blueberry, to something bigger than myself, I write letters.
I calm my worries in shades of blue.
To put up with myself.

Because there is still life left to live."

(Emma Ahlgren 2021)

The exhibition consisted of handwritten letters and paintings, textile work, installations with handmade and real blueberries and a video work.

Link to video work: https://vimeo.com/463783897 

Photo, film and editing: Alexandra Harald